Friday, May 11, 2007

I Found My Feet

Well, I am a week older now and growing more every day. I found out how to wash my paws and I'm working on how to wash my tummy. My eyes are starting to focus on things and I like playing with fingers and chewing on them. You can watch me do this in these new videos of me. The Big Cat that allready lives here dosn't like me much... she hisses at me and looks generally upset that I am in her house. I think she will end up being my friend later but she's never shared her house with another kitty before.

I really like crawling under everybody's shirts to fall asleep. But sometimes I just fall asleep curled up in a towel in their laps. Then they move and wake me up and I let them know that I don't like that very much, thank you. There are some new pictures of me where you can see just how much I've grown.

Oh yeah, I also purr really loud now when everybody holds me and feeds me.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I've Been Rescued

Hi. My name is PJ. I am about 3 wks old and just lost my mom and littermates. I was rescued from a bad place by Remy and Leana after my family was killed by a big, mean dog. They have lots of other animals to care for and baby kittens are a lot of work so they found another family to take care of me.
I'm trying real hard to figure out this whole being alive thing and how everything works. My eyes are big and bright but I am still working on this focusing problem. My teeth are just starting to show up and that is quite bothersome so I cry about that a lot. Big pink thing #2 lets me chew on its little finger to help ease the pain. I think I will name big pink thing #2. I will call him John. There is also Big pink thing # 1 who I will now call Brenda. They are both very lucky for me to have chosen them as my new family.
There are three other not quite so big pink things. One takes care of me most of the time and gives me kitten formula from a bottle and holds me real close and smells good. I will call her Lindsey. She has given me her room for my bed to be in. She is very lucky for me to have chosen her room as where I will sleep.
Brenda has just fed me and I crawled on the floor with John and I am tired now so I will lay down in my bed and sleep for a while. I will tell all of you more about my life and my new family later.